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Questions to ask from a content writer

link this post written on 21/03/2016
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Nine things you should ask before hire a writer from any content writing service:

  1. How do they deal with a new client?
  2. Which blogs they read most?
  3. Name of the book you’ve read recently?
  4. Have you work for any known professional organizations before?
  5. What is your style guide for writing contents?
  6. Can you differentiate the meanings of content writing and copywriting?
  7. Your proofreading process?
  8. What are your preferable softwares for content writing?
  9. Can you write SEO friendly contents?
link this post written on 03/10/2016
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Very well written. Appreciate the highlighted points. 
link this post written on 26/10/2016
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You should keep a list of questions, and ask them regarding the subject mostly because it is what you need. Academic writing help means that they know all the subjects but you should choose the one who has studied your major of course.
link this post written on 17/04/2017
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A student life can really be tough most of the times.  With all the school projects that you need to submit, there are times wherein you just cannot squeezed in everything.  You need to ask for the help of essay writing service online experts.  Start by reading different useful reviews written by clients themselves to help you decide which company to hire at http://rewardedessays.com/essay-writing-services/custom-essay.
link this post written on 26/05/2017
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Bravo for the marvelous post. You have really highlighted the golden points and everyone should keep these points in mind before hiring a content writer. A content write should write my assignment for the betterment of grades in academic task.

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