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link this post written on 29/06/2016
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Writing is a timely commitment and it’s not the forte of every child in the school.
What is likely to happen that the student might be in the phobia of writing and the understated points will blast his mind thinking to overcome the dread of writing in his mind?

Classification of the Essay
If the student is starting to write the essay; the first question that should be asked is what type of essay he/she is writing. It is the format that is different in essays. So by understanding the structure of the essay, they can easily find the topic, thus killing two birds with a single stone.
The most common types of essays are:
•    Narrative - Tells a story
•    Descriptive - Places a picture
•    Expository - explaining the concern
•    Persuasive - Needs the argument from the audience

Mind Map a Topic
Mind Map is a true partner and curer of a student as thinking one and altogether can be difficult and the student can stuck in the middle.
To start off; the student needs to pin-point all the ideas that are floating in his mind regarding the topic. The ideas could be anything but it is important to jolt down all the concepts on a piece of paper. Don’t look for the perfect ideas; the concepts can be silly, but realistic. With the help of mind-mapping, you can easily sort out the points through which the paper can be completed in no-time.

Picking the Right condition
Choose a perfect location that should be comfortable for the student to write-in. The distractions should be minimized, once the student is all set to write the essay. The tabs screening up for facebook or other social network messages or cell phone triggering every forth second or any music file played through a computer; these will create frustration and the student will find it harder to concentrate and remain focus on the topic.

The Perfect Statement
The statement is important in any form of writing and gives the reader an idea on the wave of the paper.  So, what’s the good statement; the statement should be a blend of the topic and the brief information about the topic and the structure of your paper.
Like other difficult tasks in life, writing is also a prep training task as the child is directly thrown into rather than let him jump. Breaking down the writing statement will help in the perfect finishing of the paper and will boost your moral for the future. As the child have enjoyed this phase of writing, give him other postures of enjoyments too, like reading a book or visiting a theme park.

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